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Song Request! *
Posted by Viviana Aguilar on

You have not ONCE played the most powerful * moving * song of hope* performance by...* Barlow Girl "O Holy Night!" Tomorrow is Christmas and I can't wait any longer.. play it! Not once, twice, but like you do the others.. all the time! Please play Barlow Girl - O Holy Night! Soon?

Dinosaur question from earlier this morning
Posted by Dea on

There is a great book that answers the dinosaur question, as well as many others related to creation, the age of the earth, etc. It's called Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, and the author is Dennis R. Petersen. It includes an actual photo of a carcass that was pulled from the ocean that fits the description of the leviathon mentioned in Job. I've used this book several times in my work with college students. The book is full of fascinating facts, drawings and photos, and it really makes you think - definitely worth checking out! Dea

Please respond this time :)
Posted by Alexis Power on

Hi WayFM. Could I advertise an event supporting IJM (International Justice Mission)? It's taking place in 2 weeks. Thank you, Alexis Power

Posted by Name on


Cricket Alley Outdoor Market
Posted by Larissa Freeman on

Does Way FM to outdoor remotes? If so, I would be interested in finding out more about that, and what costs and obligations are involved. Our outdoor market is Sept 21st. Thanks!

thank you
Posted by charlayne williams on

A big thanks for this life-giving source, & thanks for announcing the artists & names of songs, glad I found this station, our God is GREAT!!! From the heart, Charlayne Williams

things at work that co-workers do that really both
Posted by jack on

Like in the guys restroom, when you need to replace the toilet paper, co-workers will not bother to put the roller through the toilet paper, instead they just unwrap the toilet paper and just sit the toilet on the dispenser!!! Lol that just really is so unbelievable. Like how long does it take to put the roller through the tp and set it back properly oon the dispenser? Lol thanks

Posted by Eliseo Rojas on

Hey, just wondering if there's any way you guys can play songs in Spanish? Like for example there's a couple songs like TAKE IT ALL - Hillsing United were there's just one verse in Spanish and the rest of the song is in English. I think ALL of your Spanish listeners would appreciate something different once in a while :) just thought I would bring this up since there is like NO Christian radio station in Spanish with the type songs we play and stuff. GBU guys!!!!

Posted by Name on


Posted by Name on


Music Submissions
Posted by Cami McCraw on

Dear KYWA, Can you please forward this to the Program or Music Director? I sent an email to ‘Way’ but through a GA/FL station, to Jeff Connell, on Oct. 17th. But I did not know if each local ‘Way’ station has their own Music Director or not. We produce Christian music – it’s slightly ‘softer’ but would fit in with any dayparting you may do. I’m also an X-DJ (in the Dallas market) & a Broadcast Meteorologist. Do you remember singer/songwriter Pat Terry? His song “All I Ever Need” has now been recorded in Texas by Jordan Justice. (The violinist played on the original Faron Young releases, as well as current artists such as Garth Brooks & Martina McBride.) Pat still tours, & he is very excited about this new ‘cover’ of his song, & he’s hoping I can get it some airplay. I also have a second song we’ve produced, and the singer is from West Des Moines, Iowa! I would like to email the MP3 to you, & then if you can use it, but need it in another form, I can send you a CD. (Although it’s small, I didn’t want to attach it without your permission.) Thank you for any help! It would be an honor to be on KYWA 90.7 Radio, as well as the other WAY Network stations! Cami McCraw Stretch Productions

Posted by Name on


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