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friend from work
Posted by concerned friend on

This guy at work that I know is dating this girl that cheats on him all the time. He keeps going back to her and she continues to go behind his back. They don't live in the same town. I don't know what to say to him. He's a nice guy and deserves better. What should I do?

Posted by Katy on

I write songs and love to listen to music. I miss singing and would love to become a singer/songwritter. I don't want to do it for the fame or the fortune. Maybe it's my calling from God. I haven't been to church in a long time and have went through a tough relationship with a guy that I thought was the one. I've had several different boyfriends and none of them know how to treat a woman. Maybe I'll never find that guy that knows how to treat a lady. That's how I feel somethimes. Life is hard and no one ever said that it was going to be easy. Sometimes I feel that I'll never be happy and will always have a whole in my heart. My family has been torn apart by relatives and it's been ******* me. I'm just happy to have an aunt and uncle in Texas that loves me and is always there when I need someone to talk to. It feels like I'm competing with my sister for my parents affection. There are times that I think that they love her more then they do me. I used to want to run away and never come back. My friends treat me like trash. I've only got one really close friend that would never say or do anything to hurt me. It's been hard going through heartache in relationships and family disputes from relatives.

break up
Posted by Kathleen Kauffman on

My boyfriend, who has a drinking problem, insisted that we were through. I live right upstairs from him and wanted to go upstairs to my apartment before we cooked supper. I was thinking I am very capable of cooking supper for myself. I wasn't upset with him. I just simply said I felt like going upstairs. He said he was mad at me and said we are finished. I bought four gifts for him which he has not received. He leaves tomorrow for Colorado. He insists I just want money from him which is further from the truth. I think this is all in relation to having too much to drink and dealing with his problems this way. He had a brother-in-law shoot himself over Thanksgiving, his mother fell, and I was asthmatic. He responded to all the problems as, sarcastically saying, "Happy Holidays!" I wished I could go to Colorado with him. But I can't stay in his mothers house with two cats. I am allergic. I am not that depressed, but I bought presents for him to open at Christmas and he won't even talk to me. I wonder if I emphasize the giving of gifts too much especially since I really don't have a lot in the area of money.

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